May 27, 2012

Beautiful Things

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This has definitely been a week.  I think that all the overtime is starting to get to me.  But at least at the end I will be out of the hole and have some money to spend on myself for my B-day.  I am hoping to get a decent camera.  After all you do need to reward yourself.  And there were definitely things to smile about.

  •  Yesterday!  It was just a good day overall.  I even got rid of the car in my garage.  I will finally have it back to where we can put our stuff in it.
  • I am working back at home on a new project.  I have to go in today because of the OT and for Monday because I arranged a potluck for that day.  But other then that I will be here for at least the next week and I so love working from home.
  • Toby the fish at work.  My cube mate has a Betta and I have been feeding him this week.  He is the strangest fish because he won't even come up from his sleeping spot for food until he is told good morning.  I didn't realize that fish were trainable.
  • Oh and I got in a charger so I will be able to start taking pics again to share up here.
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