May 26, 2012

Kick Ass Saturday

Today was the most perfect day.  Doesn't hurt that the weather is gorgeous.

I spent the morning in my studio.  I finished up one necklace for a challenge and started another for my husband.  I have been browsing thru Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon, and Cords.  Don't you just love how looking thru a design book will spark so many different ideas.  I have always been drawn to textiles but not quite sure how to use them.  This book has definitely been an eye-opener.

Then when I come upstairs to be social before my husband left for work, I find three packages.  One was for a battery charger.  I had been worried about that showing up as I have to get pics taken for the aforementioned challenge.  So a very good thing.

But it was the other two packages that really excited me.  They contained 14 different teas to sample.  I swear that my husband gets the biggest kick out of me and tea.  I immediately sat down crosslegged on the floor and proceeded to open them.  I had to pout a bit as they were all vacuum sealed with is great for the tea but I wanted to sit and smell it.  Yeah I am a tea addict.

So of course I had to quit playing the studio for a bit so that I could smell at least one of them and review it.  I choose a Keemun and I swear it has became my current favorite tea.  So rich that with just a touch of rock sugar it becomes a desert tea with hints of peaches and dark chocolate.

But that wasn't the best news.  I just found out that I won these gorgeous earrings from Sharyl's Jewelry and Reflections!  She has a fantastic blog so be sure to check out.  I can hardly wait to wear them.

Now I am off to make some of my signature potato salad for Memorial Day.  Yeah I think that it tastes better when it gets to sit for a couple days though I am having to make a double batch so that there is some left for Monday.  I do know my husband.


  1. What a great Saturday! I won a pair of earrings from Sharyl last year, and they are terrific! Enjoy!


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