May 9, 2012

Whew....11 years

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary. 

Who knew 12 years ago that the guy that I started chatting with online would become such an important part of my life?  Especially since this guy cut our coffee date short so that he could go watch Buffy.  Talk about feeling unimportant when a TV show is more important than a person.  I mean seriously I am not all sleek and blonde, but I was real.

But then Saje moved in 3 days after we met.  Now I don’t recommend this on the norm, but for us it worked out.  We haven’t been apart since.   And I think that what I love most about my husband is his loyalty.  I know that no matter what, he has my back.  And that is very important to me since before we got together I did have issues about being abandoned.  
Honey, I love you and I am looking forward to another 11 years. 


  1. I didn't cut our date short. I invited you back to my place.


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