Jun 10, 2012

Beautiful Things

Today is our Witch's Brew but I wanted to get this post put up before I head out and play Chairman of the Board.

  • Almost done with all my overtime.  I just have one day this week where I have to in for additional training.  It has all been worth it though.  .  My word this year is Focus and this last month has been all about focus.  I will be caught back up on my bills and have enough to get my camera!
  • I won a place in the Cup of Bead Soup and received a gorgeous focal.  Now I just need to decide just what I am doing with it.  Be sure to check back on June 31st!
  • Chloe, our newest kidder, has finally decided that she is part of the family and loves to sleep with us.  She is such a tiny little love.


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