Jun 14, 2012

Book Review: The Lodestone

When twelve year old Jack Paris feels the small jaws of a creature that shouldn't exist clamp down on his leg, life as he knows it in small-town northeast Texas comes to a sudden end. Miss Edna, his foster mom, is forced to take him and his friend Sally to a world she secretly forsook two hundred years before to save his life. There Jack discovers that an evil wizard needs him for unknown purposes and will stop at nothing to capture him. The wizard pursues Jack and Sally through forests and under mountains on the other world, and even across Kansas back on Earth.

With all their hope placed in Miss Edna, she suddenly disappears, leaving Jack and Sally to carry on without her. It soon becomes clear, however, that the events of the present are tied to Miss Edna's past, and the children begin a desperate effort to find her before all hope is lost.

When Jack finally realizes why the wizard needs him, he learns that to live and love, you sometimes have to be willing to die.

* * * * * 

I finished reading this book a couple days ago and had to really ponder my review.  Now I am an adult as you well know however I do enjoy reading young adult.  This book is aimed towards a crowd that is younger then the books I usually enjoy reading.  That being said I did enjoy it though it had its issues.

Let me go thru the strengths first though.  I really enjoyed the character of Edalwin 'Edna' who has been Jack's foster mother for the past four years.  She is a very strong woman and her character shines through.  She also has an interesting history that adds spice to the plotline.  

Jack is also a well written character though there was some instances where his thought really gave me pause such as when he figures out that Sally is a friend even though they have been hanging out for a while.  I also would have liked to have seen more growth out of his character however.

The alternate world created by Mr. Horne is interesting.  He has done a great job of world building and peopling it with characters, both good and evil, that really stand out.  I could only wish that the ranger's magic worked in our world as she really needs the assistance.

And now my kibitzes.   Even after reading the book I am not sure why the Sally was in the book at all.  She shows some strength in the beginning but then turns into an insipid character. Also at the beginning of the book rather then showing the reader what was happening we were told the story.  This leads to a weaker storyline all the way around.

I felt that THE LODESTONE is a good book but with a few changes it has the potential to grow into so much more.  I would recommend it to readers in middle school which is really its target audience.

I rate this book a 3.1.

***I received this book at no charge from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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