Jun 27, 2012

Summer Time Drinks

Summer is on it's way or at least I am hoping so.  You really can't tell by the weather here lately in the Pacific Northwest.  As it gets warmer though the drinks of choice tend to change.  I have a couple favorites depending on whether I am home or out running about.  If I am home I tend to go for iced tea.  I have a lot of various fruity teas that I brew up and ice.  If I am about it is either an Arnold Palmer or a sweet tea depending on where I stop to pick it up at. 

Now I know that everyone has their preferences on summer drinks.  Today however I wanted to share some recipes that I have come across.  Who knows, maybe you will find a new cold beverage of choice.

Raspberry Slush   This one you have to make ahead of time but it sounds so wonderful.
Gingered Lemonade  Sounds so refreshing!
Mojito Italian Ices  Having friends over.  Sip on one of these while the guys mess with the BBQ
Ginger Ale  Here is a recipe to make your own so that you can adjust the amount of ginger.
Apple Grape Drink  This one sounds so yummy and refreshing
Fizzy Fruit-O-Rama  Perfect drink for the young ones.
Mint Mocha Frapachino  Now I don't do coffee but I know a lot of folks do.
Good Ol' Alabama Sweet Tea  It wouldn't do to not have a sweet tea recipe.

So here are recipes to get you started.  Hope that you enjoy them and perhaps find a new favorite.

Oh and by the way, what is your favorite cold drink?  Do you have any recipes that you would like to share?

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