Jul 22, 2012

Beautiful Things

It sure doesn't seem as though a week has gone by since I last posted one of these.  Though I guess that it hasn't actually been a week as I was late posting the last one.  I have a few beautiful things this week.

  • My muse has been going crazy.  I have made 3 necklaces, a pair of earrings and an anklet.  I really enjoy it when she takes charge.  Though I do feel kinda guilty since I keep deserting my husband.  He is okay with it though.  And if I plan on opening up a store on ArtFire for Yule I do have to build up some inventory.
  • We had a really small group for the potluck last night.  Just mainly us girls so we were talking about crafts and beads.  Oh speaking of that, a friend of a friend got a hold of me since she is starting to bead and wanted some tips.  We are going to get together on a Wednesday in August.
  • We have been having some awesome thunder and lightening storms.  Don't usually get those here but I just love the power in the air from them.
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  1. Hi there,
    I know you are a big paranormal genre reader. I. Started to read a new book the other night but now i can't find it on my kindle. I am hoping that you may have read it and will remember the name...I. Know placing a lot of pressure but here goes.

    The female character has just started to "transition" into her powers and is experiencing headaches and breaking light bulbs. A man in am armani suit is chasing her and trying to kill her. 3 sort of geeky guys are trying to get her to i think las vegas to get help from someone. I stopped reading when there was a shootout in a restaurant in the desert.

    What do you think? Do you remember anything like that?!? Thanks for any help....


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