Jul 5, 2012

Getting Older....

I really don't mind getting older.  In fact, my only real objection is recovery time.  Since I was on vacation until tomorrow, we decided to do a couple day trips over Sunday and Monday.  And today I feel totally wiped out.  But you know it was totally worth it!

I have a bunch of pics but I am not going to put them all up at once.  Remember how I promised that I would put up more of my own pics once I got my new camera?  Well I am most definitely going to be able to keep that promise.

Our first trip on Sunday was to the Olympic National Park.  This park is huge and there was no way that we could see it all at once.  The plan was to hit Hurricane Ridge first but that was a no go.  It was so foggy that you couldn't see the road let along enjoy the views.  So we then headed out towards the tide pools.  On the way we passed Crescent Lake.  Oh my goodness, talk about gorgeous.  The water was a deep aqua.  I just wished that I was able to capture that color.

Also on our trip up there we found a great shop in Port Townsend that has an Indian Trading Post.  Usually when I see those I think tourist traps but not this one.  We were able to pick up a gorgeous wooden cane for my husband for only $18 but that wasn't the best buy for me.  I was able to pick up 25 yards of 1/4" suede lacing for only $9!  I just wish that I had brought along more money as they sure had some gorgeous colors.  I picked up a deep forest green.  

Oh another thing that I don't care for about old age.  My memory.  Just as I was going to sleep on Sunday night, a design for a necklace using that suede came to mind.  And now I can't remember it.  And I can't get up to turn on the light and sketch out designs when they come to me like that otherwise I never get to sleep.

The next day we went to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  Say what you will about zoos but at the rate we are going, they are going to be the only way that future generations will be able to see lions and tigers.  Woodland Park also has come great conservation programs going.  And their habitats (definitely not cages) are such that the animals have room to move and play.

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