Jul 8, 2012


After a day filled with board meetings when all I wanted to do was finish my darn book, I was finally able to get home and get on my computer (after I finished the book of course, have to have your priorities straight).  And I discovered another beautiful thing to bring a smile to my face.

This was awarded to my by a dear friend Skye of Creative Chaos who I had been partnered with during an earlier Bead Soup Blog Party.  Now normally I don't play with the badges because I remember when they ran rampant over all the blogs and I swore then that I wouldn't get involved.  But since Skye is such a friend I am going to play partway in that I will list seven random things about myself but I won't be sending this out to others.

  • I used to be such a chameleon that I wasn't quite sure just who I was.  It finally got to the point to where I pretty much became a hermit for a couple years until I learned myself and learned to love myself.  Once that happened I met my third husband, the one that I will grow old with.
  • I can't say that I really have a personal style.  All the styles that I find that I adore I am really too short to look good in.  So yeah I have always wished that I was 6" taller.
  • I tend to move quietly enough that I spook people so years ago I got in the habit of wearing bells.  I don't do that very much any more but when I do I feel so much lighter and free.
  • I am technology nut in that I have to have a computer.  In fact, I tend to freak out when one dies on me.  Oh and I have been using e-readers for about 12 years now.  I always have at least my tablet on me at all times yet I am still totally baffled by the TV's remote control.
  • Two of my favorite hobbies are designing jewelry and reading a book so I have combined the two by plugging my Ipod into my stereo on my studio and listening to audio books.
  • Because I design jewelry I have a lot of it but I find that I tend to forget to wear it.  I am more prone to wear one or two bracelets that I just don't take off so that I don't forget them in the morning.
  • Because I work from home, people really don't want to see me before 4 in the afternoon. I take my shower and get dressed during my lunch at 3:30.  Before that I could scare 10 years off someone's life because my hair is so curly it goes nuts when I sleep.
Okay there are seven random thoughts about myself.

And I definitely could nominate ten bloggers that brighten my day but I really don't want to go back on my promise to myself.
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  1. :) I was tempted to ignore the 'ten bloggers' and shorten it to just one or two to cut back on the landslide of awards popping up lol The best part is just getting it and knowing that someone out there is reading and enjoying what you write... and getting to read little bits of the people behind the blogs you enjoy ;)


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