Jul 27, 2012


  • It's Kharma just the cutest thing.  Too bad his nickname is Pomeranian Devil.
  • Got in my order from both Andrew Thornton and ArtBeads today so that I can get started on my next helping of Bead Soup.
  • I love having the window open in my office.  All three of the cats come into visit me.
  • Sure makes the day go faster when my furkids stop by to chat.  And yes I have VERY chatty cats.
  • Going to Wild Wave tomorrow and looking forward to it.  My company pays for tickets every year for the employees.
  • Sure hope that the DH is going to be able to get in the water.  He has come down with a disease that cuts off the blood circulation to his toes in the cold.
  • Finished a necklace for another blog hop that I am in.  I love being ahead since this hop isn't until the 18th of August.
  • Had a slow day at work so spent most of the day playing on Facebook and reading blogs.
  • Hey this blog has a page on Facebook and I sure could use the likes.  Just click .here.
  • Hmmm.. wonder why my blog posts are posting to Facebook.  I will have to fix that.
  • Have to fill out a form tonight so that I can get a banner for ArtFire.  Yep planning on having the shop open for Christmas/Yule.
  • My stepkids will be coming up the first week in August.  I can't believe that one of them is 18 already.  He was just a little kid when I got married to his father.
  • Think that I am just going to grill hamburgers for dinner.  That way I can get to my studio earlier.
  • Have the night to myself as the hubby is working.  I have to admit enjoying the quiet time when he is gone.
  • Listening to "A Discovery Of Witches" when I am working down there.  I just love audio books.


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