Aug 19, 2012

Beautiful Things

Well I survived the trip to Spokane yesterday that actually ended up being a trip to Sandpoint, Idaho.  Pretty town but I could have down without all  the one way roads in a town that the population is probably only 2,000.

  • Sometimes it is truly the small things that I bring a smile to my face such as when I was heading the Witch's Brew last Sunday there was a huge dragonfly hovering over the hood of my SUV.  Dragonflies always make me smile and lets me know that some changes be afoot.
  • My cats have been grounded for the past three days due to missing checkins (every 2 hours) and curfew.  Now this might sound strange but they truly equate getting grounded to messing up on either of those two things.  Well this morning they were off restriction yet Monster stayed in bed to cuddle me rather then heading outdoors.  He really missed me yesterday.
  • And a HUGE smile when I woke up this morning and it was quiet.  No kid's voices, no TV, no video games. is so nice to have my house back.


  1. That`s amazing your cats connect the grounding to not responding to check-ins and curfew. I am reminded of a colleague who told me her cat responded to whistles when it is time to come in. His name is Romeo and living in a university district meant she couldn`t call him by name for obvious reasons!


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