Sep 2, 2012

Beautiful Things

Good Morning, err..almost afternoon.  This is the Labor Day edition.  I know that for a lot of people this weekend symbolizes the kids getting back to school.  Or perhaps the time to harvest and stockpile for the winter.  To me, it means that the quiet time is coming closer.  A time to reflect, for my muse to start going nuts and most importantly, it is a time to stay out of the cold. 

The picture that I selected tickled my muse as it has the deeper colors that I associate with the dark time of the year while the butterflies symbolize spring and rebirth to me.  I will have to play around with that. 

  • I love my doctor.  I had to go in and get my FMLA recertified.  Can anyone tell me why they suddenly changed the certification from one year to six months?  I mean a chronic disease isn't going to go away soon.  Anyways we were just sitting in there laughing as she filled it out and did a quick check up on me.  She also treats my husband and was asking about him.
  • I have a few more necklaces down in my sketchbook.  I was planning on working on them today but my shoulder is saying no.  But I am thinking on Wednesday after my massage.
  • The windows in my bedroom are really high up so I never close the blinds.  The bed is in perfect position to look out on of the windows to see the stars.  Friday night was just perfect because I was able to lay in bed and gaze at the Blue Moon.  She was so beautiful.


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