Sep 30, 2012

Beautiful Things

The picture today is from my visit to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  I swear that I do MUCH better at animal photography then I do with jewelry which is just silly when you consider that the jewelry moves much slower then an animal does.  Since I missed last Sunday I am going to try to get some beautiful things from each week.

  • I finished up my charms for the charm swap and even got in business cards for this blog.  I am going to ship them out on Wednesday and hopes that they pass muster.
  • Indian summer seems to be hanging on.  It's been cool in the mornings but glorious in the afternoons.
  • Steam cleaned the carpets and it is so much fresher in here.  It doesn't matter how much we keep up on the animal, seven of them does make the place stuffy.
  • Went and got a manicure and pedicure.  Now my nails are all ready for fall with deep red colors.
  • I have all my pieces for blog hops completed and now I can just play with some ideas.  I plan on doing that once the DH goes to work.
  • Found out that I won a major prize package from the Noise Girls.  There are a lot of good things in it but excites me the most is the spinning composter.  We have decided that we are going to plant a container garden on our front porch next year and this will really help out.
  • I had a huge smile when I found out that my little 6 pound female Chloe is a real scam artist.  She is an indoor/outdoor cat.  (As a feral she refuses to adapt to indoor only.) We apparently she has convinced a neighbor that she is a stray cat raising kittens so he was feeding her and supposedly babies.  Now Chloe is spayed and eats more at home then either of my two larger boys.
  • I am really glad that I volunteered to work with a special group within the sales department who also sells cell phones as I am not effected by the changes within the department and I still get a bonus for dealing with them.  The changes are a good thing as we are taking on more states for our company and it will bring new jobs locally.  I am just glad that I don't have to deal with it until the hub bub dies down.
  • My husband came down with what we know think was salmonella poisoning after seeing some recalls a couple weeks ago.  He is now doing fine and everything is back to normal minus the twelve pounds that he needed to loose.  Hmmm...possible diet where I don't have to worry about my lack of won't power.


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