Oct 30, 2012

Book Review: Contrition

In a tiny community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Brother Placidus finds little Amanda LeFleur sacrificed below a crucifix, in the attic of The Brothers of the Holy Cross. It is not the first body he's found there. Assigned to the investigation is detective Peter Toche whose last case was that of a murdered child, a child that has been haunting his dreams, forcing him to face his worst fears and the evil that has targeted his town. As additional victims are discovered, Tristan St. Germain, a mysterious man who was rescued by a parish priest from the waters near his home, may hold the key to the safety of all mankind. Little Amanda was only the beginning..

* * * * *

 I did find CONTRITION to be an enjoyable if slow read.  Mr. Hirsch does a great job on developing his characters and they do carry the show when the pacing slows down.  I really enjoyed Detective Toche and sympathized with his fears of madness. 

CONTRITION is an interesting book with a great premise and promise however it does need going over by an editor with a fresh set of eyes as the author is prone to wordiness.  It is also a bit too religious for my tastes as it leans heavily upon the catholic mythos however I did expect that going into this book.  I also want to give my readers a warning as there is graphic violence portrayed in this book starting with the murder of a child.

I am only rating this book a 2.8 due to the lack of proper editing as it kept pulling me out of the story.  I feel that the premise deserved more but not with the glitches included.

I was given this book at no charge by Library Thing in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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