Oct 20, 2012

Book Review: Guardian

Vigilance. The mission to safeguard Nikki Youngblood depends on the fragile alliance of two half-angel, half-human guardians, both struggling with intense feelings for the girl who has been assigned to their care. Mace, steadfast and deeply in love, wants to protect Nikki at all costs, while Raven's loyalty to Nikki finds him advocating for her independence and battling his own darker inclinations. At the same time, Nikki finds it harder and harder to choose between the two heavenly beings she may never have. Dangers intensify, and tensions between Mace and Raven flare as the purpose of their mission becomes clear. Can their defenses hold up to master manipulator Damon Vessler and the powerful secret he holds regarding Nikki's heritage? Can anyone protect Nikki from her true purpose and destiny?

* * * * *

As my readers well know, the young adult genre happens to be one of my favorite.  And when you add in a touch of the paranormal I am almost guaranteed to like the book.   Almost being the key word here.  I had some issues with GUARDIAN that interfered with my enjoyment of the story.

First of all, GUARDIAN is the second book of the Halfling series and I didn't feel that it stood very well on its own.  I spent the first quarter of the book confused because the author tends to refer to happenings in the first book without giving the reader enough backstory.

The second issue was minor in that I didn't care for how strongly it resided in the Christian mythos.  I have read several books that have angels that I very much enjoyed.  In this case I really felt that it was too preachy for my tastes.

That being said,  I did find that the book was very well written with the pacing being spot on.  There were points that I was holding my breath, other where I was sighing over Mace and Nikki, and yet other where I was laughing.  Because of this I would have rated this book much higher if it had been able to stand on its own.

I rate this book a 3.2.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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