Oct 21, 2012

Beautiful Things

It's really strange how the weather can change from summer to fall all in one day.  Last Sunday it was still rather warm and this Sunday I am running the heat to keep it warm inside.  Definitely moving into the dark side of the year.  Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing though as it gives us a time to rest and reflect.  For me as soon as I find out about this surgery, it will give me time to work on more jewelry.

  • I was able to attend a birthday party/potluck over a friend's home last Sunday.  Had a really great time especially as I was able to connect up with folks that I haven't had a chance to see in forever.
  • I have a flat top stove and Chloe managed to walk across a hot burner last night right after I had taken off a pot of pasta.  I immediately put some ice on her paw and gave her a pain reliever.   Luckily the burn wasn't bad enough to blister up.  I feel sorry for her but I really hope that this teaches her not to walk on the stove anymore.
  • I won a beautiful necklace from Alicia at All the Pretty Things!  She has a great blog that I enjoy reading and I just love the look of the necklace.  I will be sure to take a pic when it arrives so that I can share it with everyone.


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