Oct 25, 2012

Kalmbach Bead Soup

I am sure that everyone remembers my excitement when I received one of those coveted yellow envelopes with the neon green label that proclaimed the contents to be a bead soup.  Just to remind everyone of what came in that delightful envelope.

When I saw the peace signs and the glass beads in various colors I just knew that I wanted to go BoHo especially now as I seem to be drawn more and more towards textiles.

This was actually an easy piece for me to envision though it took me a few tries to get all the kinks worked out.  For a change my husband actually gave me a real critique that was useful.  Usually all I hear is:  "That's great" or "But it's not symmetrical". Yes he is almost anal about both sides being the same.  It is any wonder that I don't do a lot of necklaces or earring sets that aren't matchy matchy.  This time however he pinpointed an issue that was bugging me but refused to come to the fore.

The turquoise base is actually some rather thick waxed cotton that I found at my LBS.  I had no idea what I would use it for but I just had to pick it up.  You know how that goes.  Now I am glad that I did.  The peace sign hits about two inches below the notch of the neck.  It goes perfect with one of my flowing silk tunics.  Almost makes me want to wear a funky head band and go listen to CCR.

And since Beauty in the Bead Shop in Bellingham, Washington was so generous with the glass beads I just had to make a wrap bracelet to go with the necklace.  It just occurred to me that it would also make for a funky headband.

I want to thank Kalmbach Publishing for jewelry books and Beauty in the Bead Shop for this wonderful soup which stretched my muse in new directions and for the opportunity to work with beads that I wouldn't have picked up for myself.  I also want to thank Lori Anderson who is the driving force behind the Bead Soup Blog Party and the author of  Bead Soup which inspired this blog hop.
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  1. Shaiha - this turned out fabulous - love how you played with the colors and the design - they work together so well!


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