Oct 28, 2012

October Fest!!

It's my favorite month of the year and that is because my favorite holiday Samhain is a part of October.  Another part of October that I love is our annual Witch's Ball which is a huge costume party with food, dancing and companionship of other pagans. 

I always make up some jewelry to be part of the raffles we hold throughout the evening so when Rita of Tolec Jewels mentioned a blog hop based upon the season I was all for it.  Not all of my jewelry is related to the season but they are all being given away during this delightful changeable month.

This necklace is totally fitting for this season.  The spider is a clay pendant made by Jenny Davies-Reazor.  The beads are Botswana Agate and are knotted together using waxed linen.

The colors on this one aren't exactly fallish though I guess that it depends on the person.  I tend to wear a lot of teal & gold during this season.  The beads in this piece are some ceramic ones that I picked up years ago from York Beads.  I again used waxed linen to bring it all together.

This pendant is again in teal and the bird could be a raven.  It was made by Barbara of Second Surf Studio and was actually one that I picked up a few years even though I wasn't sure what I would use it in.  I am now very happy that I did.  I also used suede lacing and a silver chain.

This is a necklace that I made for the Kalmbach Bead Soup that I will also be donating to the raffle basket.  The beads were donated by Beauty in the Bead and I also used a lot of waxed linen of various sizes.

Now that you have seen my humble offerings be sure to check out what everyone else has done.  It could be jewelry, decorations or perhaps a recipe.

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  1. Nice :) I hate spiders, but that spider necklace is rather nice :)

  2. Great necklaces. I do not like spiders but that necklace is really cool. Love the peace one too! Have a great fall.

  3. ooohhhhh - that spider web necklace is great!

  4. Oh, so many pieces and each different. I love teal too - so I'll take it for fall colours :) It goes beautifully with gold and copper, which definitely are autumn-ish :)

    Love all your pieces - wonderful job!

  5. I love muted blues this time of year - perfect for those of us not quite ready to say goodbye to summer! You've given it a great transitional feel in your pieces. The Witch's Ball sounds like SO much fun!!!

  6. Hi Shaiha,
    These are beautiful and fun pieces that I am sure will loved by those at the party.

  7. These are beautiful jewelries.

  8. They are all lovely, but I love specially the gold and teal one! The Witch's Ball? Super interesting :)

  9. Great designs - I love the spider pendant! Your Kalmbach necklace is so fun - love it!


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