Oct 18, 2012

Podcasts: 19 Nocturne Boulevard

Time for another look at one of my favorite podcasts, 19 Nocturne Boulevard.  I actually found this podcast when I met Julie Hoverson, the owner, at NorwestCon a couple years ago.  This podcast is all about audio drama and I really wish that I could find more like this one.  Rather then reading the listener a story,  you are transported into the tale with all the great sound effects. 

She has a few different series that she runs.  One of my favorites is the namesake of this particular podcast.  In 19 Nocturne Boulevard one never knows whether they will be stepping into the story of a serial killer, a detective that deals with demons or the future.  Every episode is guaranteed to transport the listener away.

Another one that I really enjoy is a newer series called Fatal Girl.  This one has been done in the Japanese Anime style and it has a continuing storyline. And then there was DeadEye Kid which was a western complete with a ghost dandy.

Ms. Hoverson hasn't updated her website lately with the new series but trust me, this podcast is going on strong.  I get mine through Itunes though I am sure that there are other ways that I haven't explored.
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