Nov 5, 2012

Beautiful Things

GLENDALE, CA - AUGUST 29:  Samsung Galaxy SIII...
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Sorry that this is a day late but I pretty much took the weekend off from my computer.  I have started to have issues with my left hand lately and wanted to give it a break.

  1. Husband was off this weekend so we did get to spend some time together.  Went out to grab some greek food at a place in Federal Way that I discovered through Groupon.  Not bad at all.
  2. I finally moved into the 21st century and picked up a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone.  I had held onto my old blackberry for as long as I could due to the battery life but when the cat broke it, I knew that it was time to get a real phone.  Now I wonder why I waited to long.  I absolutely love it!
  3. My numbers are starting to look prettier at work which is a load of stress off of me. They were talking about me working back in the call center again which I absolutely don't want to have to do.  I love working from home and it really helps out with my migraines.
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