Nov 16, 2012

Freak Out.

I really feel as though I have been neglecting you this month.  I have to admit that my head hasn't been into blogging or even really spending a lot to time on my computer this month.  Since I have been babying my right elbow I have really been trying to use my left hand more.  Well as luck has it, I am starting to develop pain in that wrist.  Oh well, one thing at a time.

Since playing with metal is going to be out of the question for a while I have been spending time in my studio trying to get ideas out of my head and also finish up some jewelry that I have promised.  I have a few pieces done (but of course I haven't taken pictures) but I don't think that I am even finish up on my Yule gifts.  On the bright side, I am almost finished with my last project that I committed too.  It's a charm bracelet and I am down to my least favorite part which is attaching all the wonderful dangles with jump rings.

Since my surgery is next Tuesday I have been getting slightly freaked out.  Not about the surgery itself but afterwards.  Like just how am I going to be able to pull my shoulder length hair up without two hands.  And no my husband won't let me cut it.  Yes I did check.  And washing it?  Just how does that work let alone drying it.  I can just see pulling the hubby out of bed to dry my hair.  Oh and cutting my food.  And I will have to get a bib as I am horrible with my left hand.  Well you see what I mean.

It is going to be fun however dragging the husband to Black Friday for the few things that I want.  I just hope that everyone else doesn't want them as there is NO way I am going to be up to standing in line for hours.  At least with Macy's you can go online on Thanksgiving for the same items.

Anyways I wanted to let you know that I was still alive and my posting is apt to be spotty.  I will have the hubby pop up on Facebook to let everyone know how the surgery goes.
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  1. My mom went through being one armed for a while. If she wants her hair dyed, my SIL or I do it for her, but she washes it by herself. Her hair is short though, so even one armed she managed.

    you'll get into wetting your hand and running your fingers through your hair, and going with the 'tousled' look.. since handling the brush will be awkward. You'll have to get Saje to help with the washing... The hard part will be getting dressed. Every tried putting a bra on with only one hand? LOL ;) good news is..I'm sure he'll be happy to help out there, too ;) LOL

  2. I do hope the surgery has corrected the problem. I see you are taking advantage of the downtime listening to podcasts and reading my blog! Get well soon!

  3. Surgery??!! How are you? Wishing you love and health and joy. I often have one arm, and the first thing i do with two arms? wash my hair! lol...

    Hope you are well!



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