Dec 2, 2012

Beautiful Things

Old Time Radio - Revisited
Old Time Radio - Revisited (Photo credit: K.G.Photos)
It is really interesting trying to type with my left hand only but I thought that you all deserved a post from me.  So here are some good things that have happened.

  • I am healing.  I am finally able to wash my hair without my husband's help.  It's funny how something that I would take for granted normally feels like a true luxury now.
  • I have been listening to a lot of podcast lately.  I really enjoy old time radio shows and I stumbled across RelicRadio who just happens to have a lot of them sorted out by genre.  These shows have definitely helped me keep my sanity.
  • My husband has been wonderful!  Since my surgery he has taken really good care of me.  He has at times helped me dress, become a hairdresser, ran errands for me and lately been my driver as I drive a stick shift which really requires two hands.
  • I have some wonderful friends that don't think twice about helping out when asked.  It doesn't matter if it involves rescuing me from a dead battery or climbing the roof, they are there for me.  Having friends like this makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.
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