Dec 16, 2012

Beautiful Things

Hopefully this was my last week off work because even though I have short term disability it is still going to be a climb to get back up to par due to the lag in commissions.  Not only that but I have to go fight with Group Health tomorrow because the person that is supposed to talk to my short term disability provider isn't doing a very good job of it.  That being said there are always things that cause me to smile.  Oh the pic is of me dressed up as an 80s rocker chick.

  • I won a really neat prize of a beading magazine that I have heard about but never subscribed too.  So now I have a two year subscription plus access to all the back issues.
  • I did a cookie exchange for last night's pagan potluck.  It was just the woman that showed up and it was a blast connecting with everyone.
  • My IT person is the best!  I have to send my laptop in as the USB ports are giving out (thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty because it only had a 90 manufacturer's warranty) so she showed up with another laptop for me to use until I get my new one.  If you are local to me and need computer work drop me a line and I will connect you with her.


  1. Wow, finally someone with hair like mine ;) Big change from the last couple profile pics you had up and now I can understand better how poor Saje would have had trouble pinning it up for you. Hair like ours, thick,curly/frizzy & long takes experienced hands to handle it ;)

    And I can't see, but I trust you're wearing suitably big 80's rocker chick earrings? lol

    1. Well I did offer to cut it first so it's his own fault.

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