Dec 11, 2012

Christmas Cookies for Diabetics

I am trying to start a new tradition with my friends for the Yule season.  Not exactly the most original idea but I have always wanted to start up an annual cookie exchange and well since we have already made the pagan potlucks a tradition I kidnapped that night.

Now I haven't made cookies in like forever.  We are talking years so  I am going to be hunting up some recipes & purchasing supplies. Also a new member of our group is diabetic so I need to find some recipes that she can take home.

A suggestion was made that they have mixes at Walmart but seriously.  I am not above using a mix but I won't shop at that store until they start to take care of their workers.  Okay off the soapbox.

Onto some recipes...

Anyone care for chocolate chip cookies.  These look yummy.

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Or how about some nut cookies.  I bet some chopped cranberries would already be great in these.

Or how about some peanut butter cookies.  Hmmm I wonder how they would taste with cashew butter.

I really wasn't aware jyst how easy it is to make up cookies without the sugar.  I am going to have to give it a try & who knows, depending on how they taste they might become a regular around here.  Anytime I can cut sugar without cutting the taste is a good thing.
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