Dec 7, 2012

Eye Candy

Okay it is official.  I am starting to go stir crazy and just to amuse myself I found myself window shopping on Etsy.  Since I am planning on making the rest of my Yule gifts as soon as my body decides to cooperate I was actually browsing for things that I would love to find under my tree...hint...hint...

I just love handmade pottery and I am swapping out the mugs I have with ones like this.  I just love the colors on this mug and it is such a generous size.

Of course one mug is never enough....

The way those colors blend is to die for.  It is supposed to be a chip tray but I doubt if I would be able to hide it away between uses.

I can just imagine putting my ideas to paper with such a cool journal.  It's the perfect size to fit into my purse.  Hey speaking of purses.

I am not a purse slut by any means.  I usually only have one or two hanging around at a time.

But I can't decide which one I love the most.  This one is leather from Novica, handmade by a gentleman in Guanajuato.

I have been wanting an alpaca cloak for years.  I was given one as a gift but there was a pretty bad flaw in it and it unraveled.  But I still remember how soft it was.

I hope that you enjoyed joining me on my little excursion.  Now if only I win the lottery...

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