Jan 6, 2013

ABS January Challenge

Black Peacocks with Japanese Persimmons
Jessie Arms Botke, 1940
Oil and Gold Leaf on Panel
32 x 40 inches

I instantly fell in love with painting that was choose for our inspiration and I had all kinds of wonderful ideas that I just wasn't able to bring to fruition.  Very frustrating.  Then it occurred to me that I was trying to do too much.  Once I narrowed down my scope and concentrated on the wonderful colors of the peacock's tail feathers everything seemed to come together.

I had some delight beads made by Juls of StudioJuls that had all those wonderful colors within them.  I used three of them for my focal and knotted them with some howlite gemmies.  Definitely not what I had originally envisioned but this necklace will fit great with my wardrobe.  I have a funny feeling that I will be playing around a bit with this design some to add in some gold but I did have to work with what supplies I have on hand.



  1. I think its lovely. I love the beads and I enjoy adding bead caps to my designs as well. Excited to see what you make next month. happy creating, Kimi at www.Kimisjewelryandgifts.blogspot.com


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