Jan 13, 2013

Beautiful Things

It has been a week for medical issues.  My body decided to give out on me on Tuesday and when I tweeked my back rearranging my studio decided to play nasty so I ended up going to urgent care.  My hubby Saje also found out the issues with the pain in his feet is apt to be permanent since it might be his fibro.  Not to sure that I believe that is the only thing going on with feet though.  We will see as I will push to get him an answer and relief.  Now on to the good things.

  • I have my computer back and the USB ports are now working.  It had been in the shop for about a week.  Thank goodness for SquareTrade extended warranties.  I didn't pay a thing
  • Kharma, my Pomeranian devil, is getting old.  He will finally be still long enough to cuddle.  I originally got him as a lap dog and well that never worked out.
  • I received an email asking if I was willing to be on a design team for one of my favorite vendors.  I am over the moon about this.


  1. Hope your back is feeling better, and your elbow :)And I know with you on his side pushing the doctors to keep searching, if there's a way to help Saje's feet, it'll be found!

  2. oh and duh, congrats on the design team spot ! that's amazing news and worthy of celebration of some sort. Maybe a cuddle with your 'new' lap dog? As long as the others don't mind sharing ;) lol

  3. so sorry about the pain issues. I can SO relate! That's awesome news about the design team! Kudos to you Shaiha! Well deserved!


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