Jan 16, 2013

Pay It Forward.

While I was wandering through my blogs the other day I came across the most wonderful idea.  Oh you want to know what it was? 

Well it is pretty simple.  I will send gift to the first five people who leave me a comment.  The only catch is that you also offer the same deal to people on your blog.  (So yes you do need to have a blog.)  As everyone knows, I do make jewelry but that isn't necessarily what I will send.  It could be candles, gift cards, chocolates... well you get the idea.

When you comment please make sure that either I can get your email through your blogger profile or that you leave me the address in your comment.


  1. You can count me in. Love the idea.

    You should be able to get my email through my blogger profile but if not - you can leave me a comment through my blog at http://www.lisayangjewelry.com I promise I'll make the same offer - but probably next month...


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