Feb 19, 2013

ABS Monthly Challenge

Heijinja, 1941
Tōshi Yoshida
Woodblock Print

One of my goals for the past couple years has been to complete all twelve of the monthly challenges that Art Bead Scene.  I haven't succeeded yet but my word this year is commitment and I am committed to reach this goal this year.  Of course the fact that the paintings chosen so far this year are so inspiring that my muse Serenity won't leave me alone until I pay tribute with a piece of jewelry.

What really captured my interest in this work was the sense that everything is just as it should be.  Such a feeling of peace.  I also really enjoyed the use of color from the pale pink of the blossoms to the deep orange of the temple.  There is also a feel of simplicity that I tried to bring to my necklace.  Sometimes simpler really is better.

The orange lampwork beads and the orange ring right on top of the wooden dragon are made by Out West.  The pale pink silk string is from Marsha Neal Studios.


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