Feb 17, 2013

Beautiful Things

It has been a good week overall and how I love being able to start this post of with these words.  When I am typing them up I always picture going back in a few years and rereading these posts.   Kinda like snapshots into the past. 

  • We went out on Wednesday to Pasta Freska for Valentine's Day.  I just love Groupon.  Where else can I find a deal for 7 courses for 2 people for less then $40.  I tend to purchase the deals when they come around as they are good for at least 6 months.
  • Last night was our Chocolate potluck.  So many good things to enjoy.  I swear I ate so much that I probably gained ten pounds.
  • I received my first batch of bead soup yesterday and I plan on spending part of the day today playing with it.  Bonnie of Jasper Gems really spoiled me!
  • I had a real surprise in the mail on Friday.  A friend of mine sent me the most gorgeous bracelet for a belated Yule gift.


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