Feb 24, 2013

Beautiful Things

I have been doing my beautiful things for over a year now and I think that its time has passed especially as I will be doing a weekly feature on both Friday and Saturdays. Perhaps I will do one monthly just to share the good things that had happened, or maybe not.  I really haven't decided yet.

Right now I am in flux.  What I do know is that I won't be slowing down on the amount of posts.  There will still be my book reviews and various ramblings.  I also want to focus more on my jewelry and becoming a better photographer so you will be seeing more of that.

Oh and speaking about my jewelry.  My husband Saje is going to be taking over the business end..  I enjoy making it but I don't like to think about the business end of the deal.  I am rather excited about this as it means all I have to do is go play in my studio and hopefully having money coming back in for purchases.


  1. Oooh.. you get to focus on playing with beads and the camera.. and making him do all the uploading, mailing and shop maintenance! Fair trade seeing as how he gets to focus on his writing while you do all the editing ;) lol you two are obviously just meant to work together :D

    I'll miss beautiful things. I think you'll have to keep doing it at least once a month, since it's so good for you to look back and focus on the good points. Far to much not-so-good tends to get in the way and block the view at times, so these focused look-backs make them stand out more :) then again, maybe you'll find away to keep that good focus through out :D Looking forward to seeing how it goes :)


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