Feb 21, 2013

BSBP Meet My Partner

I was lucky enough to have two partners for the Bead Soup Blog Party and I would like to introduce you to my second partner Laura of Blue Antiquities.

In chatting back and forth I have discovered that I have a bit in common with each other including the fact that we have both been blessed with Fibromyalgia.  Laura is a super talented lady who really caught my attention during the last BSBP when she did up a series based on the Titanic.  She also has a shop on Etsy named Blue Antiquities.  Here are a couple of the designs that Laura has up for sale that really caught my attention.

I am really looking forward to working with Laura and I hope that she enjoys what I sent out to her.

Edited:  I had randomly decided that Laura's name should be Linda today.  I corrected it.


  1. Really like the post and the way you have disguised the soup.. :)

  2. Shaina, I must have an alter ego! Thank you, your are a sweet lady, and I am very excited to work with you as well. I mailed your soup yesterday, I really hope you enjoy working with the ingredients...and that your challenged, in a good way. Do let me know when you get them. Linda...;)


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