Feb 9, 2013

Events in March

I try to give everyone a heads up on events that will be happening here.  I really didn't have any hops or much of anything happening in January or February.  Not quite sure why but I just didn't stumble across any hops that I wanted to join.  Now March is another story as I have two events in one week that I wanted to let folks know about.

March 7th:  Spring Fashionista 2013
     This one is huge where you will have over a hundred bloggers getting together to give away    fashion items worth at least $125.   You know me.  I will be giving away jewelry worth at least that much.

March 9th:  Sea and Sand Blog Hop
This is a creative blog hop where thirty of us signed up to make jewelry from beads and components sent to us.  None of us had any idea of just what we would receive so it will be fun to see what everyone has come up with.

I might be adding more to this list as time goes on but I hope to see everyone here and enter if I have a prize up for grabs.  Oh and the pic is of Boo my studio mascot.


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