Feb 6, 2013

Family Memories

Card games and game tokens.
Card games and game tokens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If I have one thing that I regret it is that I am not closer to my family.  I don't mean distance wise as with the internet and the telephone it is really easy to keep in touch.  It is more the idea that I have no way to contact most of them.  But I do have my memories...

A lot of my memories center around my grandparent's home in Portland.  My grandfather had converted the garage into a rumpus room and had built a huge table that could be stored when not in use.  Around this table we would all cluster for the holidays.  It would be my mom and her brother Stan, myself and my sister and my six cousins, my grandparents, and quite often my great-uncle Lon and Great-aunt Fran.  It was usually loud, rambunctious and always filled with love.

Later my memories are about card games.  My family were/are big card players.  There was always the Friday night poker games for the older generations (though they let me play once and never again as I won quite a lot) and you could always count on Gram for a game of canasta.

As we grew older we spread out.  What with moves and divorces I haven't seen one of my cousins, Colleen Farnsworth, in almost thirty-two years.  I have seen others at family reunions and it is always a blast when us 'kids' get together.

Unfortunately it looks as though the family reunions are a thing of the past as my mother doesn't want to hold one anymore.  I guess technically it is up to me as I am the oldest of my generation however I am no where organized enough to get one together.  It's a shame though as my nephew haven't had a chance to meet most of my generation and one of them already has a daughter.

Do you find that your family ties are being cut as time goes on?  Or are you lucky enough to have a close knit family?
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