Feb 12, 2013

Review: Cafe Escapes

As everyone knows I am a chocoholic and I love my chai lattes yet I hadn't been able to find any that I was satisfied with for my Keurig.  It was quite annoying really and I had about given up.  And then Cafe Escapes came to my rescue.  Their products are aptly name because they really do take you away for a sweet, relaxing escape.

The first one that I tried was the Chai Latte.  This has to be the best instant Chai that I have ever had.  It was rich, creamy and had a nice spice load.  It was just what I was looking for when I curled up with a good book. 

The next day I was laying down in a dark room listening to a book on my Ipod and trying to fight off a migraine.  My husband was nice enough to make me up Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa.  This had to be my favorite of the Cafe Escapes.  It was rich and dark with just a hint of a bite.  It was delicious on its own and became positively decadent when I added a touch of half-n-half.  The taste even made me forget about my headache for a bit.

Last night I made up my final hot chocolate, the Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa.  Frankly this one wasn't in the league with the other two.  I found that the sweetness overrode the chocolate flavor.  It actually reminded me of Cocoa Puffs.  However I can see this one being a big hit with the kids.

I was really impressed by both the Chai Latte and the Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa.  These are ones that I plan on stocking for myself.  Cafe Escapes also have some coffees which my husband will be writing up a review on since he is the coffee drinker in the family so keep an eye out for that review also.

I also have a couple coupons for the first two people that leave a reply asking for them.

***I received the products at no charge through BzzAgent.  I want to thank both BzzAgent and Cafe Escapes for providing this opportunity to discover some new favorites.
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