Feb 15, 2013

Year of Jewelry: Week 7

Whew...  I have kept up with the program for seven weeks now.  And I have found that I really enjoy the fact that I am committed to making one piece a week.  I don't know... in a way it really frees me.  I take the word or concept that is suggested and roll it around in my mind.  I make it my own; some in predictable ways , some not so expected.  I hope that you have been enjoying having a companion pass for the journey.

The topic of the week was 'Off the Cuff'.  Now a lot of people are making cuff bracelets but I don't really care for them.  I don't like the strictures that they apply.  I want dangles and little jingling noises.   Well I want movement.  So I went with a charm bracelet. 

I also wanted one that would pay homage to love because of yesterday.  But I didn't want it so in for face that it could only be worn on Valentine's Day.  I think that I succeeded.  What do you think?
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  1. I love your heart charms. I agree - jingle jangly charm bracelets are the best. It feel s so feminine when you move your wrist and hear the sweet tinkle of the charms. Congratulations on staying with the YOJ!! I have taken a momentary pause but I'll be back at it soon!


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