May 23, 2013

Contributing to the local economy

Local Economy (journal)
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Do you try to frequent small businesses rather then large box stores?   Are you aware that small businesses actually contribute to the local economy  whereas some of the larger stores are actually a drain to it.

One of my resolutions this year was to shop more locally at the small businesses.  And if they don't have what I am looking for, I then will go online to purchase through a small business.  I find that I am able to find almost everything locally with the exception of the artisan beads that I use in my jewelry.

For my groceries I tend to frequent three locations.  One is a discount grocery whose owners live in the same city as myself.  For fruits and vegetables, I try to go to the farmer's markets in season and I also shop at year around fruit stand that is only a couple blocks from my home.  For my bulk items I head to Costco.  It kinda of stretches the definition of local but their home office is in my state as is Amazon so their employees are spending money locally.

When I do go online to purchase beads, I would say that about 80% of the time I am purchasing beads from a small business where the owner makes the beads herself.  Even there I do love the fact that I am able to find local goods through Etsy.

With our economy struggling, I do try to do my part.  I flat out refuse to shop at Walmart even though the prices tend to be less.  I totally disagree with their practices which include running the small businesses out as well as not paying their employees enough to live let alone contribute to the anything.  In fact the majority of Walmart's employees qualify for food stamps.

Well I didn't mean to get on a soapbox there at the end.  I just wanted to share how I am contributing to my local economy.  How about yourself?  Do you have some tips that would help out others on way to support your local markets?
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