Jul 2, 2013


English: Downtown Port Townsend, Washington, U...
English: Downtown Port Townsend, Washington, USA at dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today is my birthday and for a change I do feel like celebrating.  Maybe I am strange but I have been looking forward to turning fifty.  I have been looking forward to signing up for AARP and taking advantage of their discounts.  I am looking forward to cronehood.  Now if only I can live up to becoming wiser.

We, myself and Saje, are heading out for a day trip down along the Washington coast.  I am planning on heading to Port Townsend and of course, stop by some of the neat little towns along the way.  And because I feel like celebrating, I will be picking up something for one of my readers.  More info about the item and the contest to follow.
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  1. Good luck in all you do!!! Happy birthday! Kisses from Hungary

  2. Happy Birthday, Shaiha! Love that you are enjoying 50 today! You are a beautiful crone and I know, very wise indeed.

    May your wishes come true!

  3. A bit late in the day but - happy birthday!

  4. Oh - something else. You can bet you're already wiser. Started my new job a year ago today with a bunch of 20-somethings just out of college, and boy have I learned to appreciate the things I know from just being on the planet this long. Sometimes you need that stark contrast to realize!

  5. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to you!!! I love Port Townsend!

  6. Sister Mine, happy and blessed birthday (albeit belated). May you find good health, joy and prosperity this year. Please allow me to welcome you to "official" cronehood at 50... and let me tell you, sis, it gets even better from there. Being 57, I can't wait until my next big-zero B-day! 60 - woot woot! BB XOXO )O(


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