Jul 23, 2013

Great Weekend!

I had a lot of fun this weekend even though I hardly left my house.  I did a bit of rushing about on Saturday morning  doing some shopping.   I also had to take my Pomeranian in to be beautified.  I prefer to keep him in a puppy cut because he looks just like a stuffy then.  Also he really likes having his fur cut short.

Once I got home, I started cleaning and prepping for our monthly potluck.  I am very much an introvert however I really look forward to getting together once a month with our group.  It really has expanded in the last six months since three of our gang has gotten married to some really wonderful people.  I am just waiting for the last two to find someone.

And sunday...  I intentionally didn't plan a thing because I wanted to play in my studio.  I have had an idea rattling about in my brain for the last couple weeks and I finally got it out.  This is one that I can see me making several of and they will all be unique.  I am sending one out to a friend for critiquing and then I will share them with y'all. 

I also had some frustration as I had picked up some wonderful patinaed earring findings and they up and disappeared.  I spent about a hour tearing my studio apart and I can't find them for the life of me.   That is when I finally gave up and went and listened to podcasts for the rest of the day.  Overall rather relaxing weekend.

Oh and don't forget my contest for the wonderful GreenMan.


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