Aug 12, 2013

ABS August Challenge

Tres Personajes, (Three People) 1970
Rufino Tamayo
Oil on Canvas 51" × 38"
I have found that lately it has been a struggle  to go down to my studio.  I keep finding other distractions such as good books and finding time with my husband. Of course, these tend to be distractions that also keep me off the computer so if I am not around on the days I don't work...well you know why.
Anyways, I was talking about entering my studio.  Once I get there and set down my tea though I am good to go.  I go plug in my nano (ever mention that I am addicted to podcasts?) and start to play with my beads.  I lose track of time and just play.  
Speaking of playing.  I have my torch now so I need to start playing with it.  I am considering to picking up some enamels to see how I like playing with them.  Sorry my mind is wandering all over the place.
When I went down this weekend, it really was with a purpose.  You see that gorgeous piece of art was our inspiration for this month. I saw it and just couldn't resist Art Bead Scene's  monthly challenge.  What struck me first about this painting was the colors and how they played with each other.  How they appear randomly placed until you look closer.  How the yellow focuses and distracts.

To me, these raku beads from StudioJuls.  The focal has that same sense of play and mystery.  The closer you look at it, the more you see.  The yellow ripples waltzing with purple orbs.   I chose to highlight the focal with brass wire wrapping, accent beads from StudioJuls and crystals.

This is one that should be at Shaiha Designs by the end of the month.



  1. What a perfect fit with the challenge piece, Shai... lovely design!

  2. I agree with you about the bead and it's a great representation of the art work.


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