Oct 21, 2013

Tea Review: Budda's Herbs Chamomile Tea

I don't post a lot of tea reviews on this blog and I am really not sure why.  I mean I love tea, and I am always reviewing it for another site.  Why the heck don't I review it here?  Anyways, here is my first review.

I was approached by a representative of Budda's Herbs to review some of their herbal teas so this is only the first of many.  The first tea that I reached for was the chamomile especially as I have been having issues getting to sleep lately.  And I can definitely say that this tea helps!

Recently I was contacted by a representative for Budda's Herbs and asked if I was interesting in review their line of herbal teas.  When my teas arrived I was very pleased to see that they are organic and each box is filled with individually wrapped tea bags.

I brewed up one bag in boiling water and let it steep for seven minutes.  Now mind you, I am not usually a fan of chamomile teas because they usually taste like straw.  Not so with this one.  Instead it tasted wonderful!  I finally know why people fall in love with chamomile teas.  It had a sweeter apple-like flavor to it.  I have been enjoying this tea both hot and iced before I go to bed and couldn't be happier.

I do recommend this tea to any tea drinkers that love chamomile teas and even those that don't because who knows, you might be a convert like myself.  I will be picking up some more for myself especially as there is a sale going on right now.

**This tea was provided to me for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own. 
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