Jan 16, 2014

Hot Tea Month

English: Tea of different fermentation: From l...
English: Tea of different fermentation: From left to right: Green tea (Bancha from Japan), Yellow tea (Kekecha from China), Oolong tea (Kwai flower from China) and Black tea (Assam Sonipur Bio FOP from India) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am sure that it will come as no surprise to anyone that I am a tea drinker.  Actually I put myself closer to being a tea addict with a china hutch and a kitchen cabinet full of various teas.  I have also become something of a tea snob since I get to try out all these wonderful teas for my reviews for TeaViews.  I just can't go from enjoying a high quality tea to bagged teas.  At the same time, I tend to drink anywhere from three to six pots of tea a day.  Luckily I have found some vendors that manage to carry high quality teas without charging an arm and a leg.

One place that I tend to get a lot of my oolongs and black teas from is TeaVirve.  They are based in China and Hong Kong, and all of their teas are grown in China.  One thing that I appreciate is how careful they are about pesticides if the leaves aren't from an organic farm.  They also have free shipping if you order $30 or more and I don't know about you but I can't seem to leave a tea shop without spending more then that.

Another one that I love is American Tea Room.  They tend to be more expensive for their oolongs but if you sign up for their newsletter, you can catch some wonderful sales.  And they do have some great prices on their blended blacks.

I have also joined a monthly club through Golden Moon Tea.  With this club, you get a small amount of a tea that is beyond premium to enjoy each month.  I was a member for a while last year and loved it.  I only wish that I could specify no green tea.  I don't care for it so sending me the good stuff is really a waste.

There are other vendors whose teas reside in my cabinet but those top two are the ones that I head to when I am starting to run low.  I am also going to be posting some reviews on Budda's Herbs so keep an eye out for that.

Do you have favorite online tea shops that you love?  Let us know about them.
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  1. I love tea, and I'm excited to look at those shops! We have two local places that sell loose leaf, Teavana and Fava tea. I'm not crazy about Teavana, they add sugar to a lot of their teas and I rarely add any kind of sweetener to my tea. They have a couple of blends that I like though. I love Fava, they have a good selection and will let you try anything you aren't sure about. Online, I like Rishi tea, they have some really good teas. I love the ginger pu erh and the tumeric ginger herbal. I also don't like green tea. It always tastes like grass to me :-)
    Oh and nuwati herbals have some good medicinal herbals too.

  2. I have tried Rishi before and been impressed with their teas. They just don't happen to be on my list that I go to for restocking. They would be more a special purchase.

    Let me know what you think of ATR & TeaVirve teas!

  3. I love tea too. Coffee is just too hard on my stomach! Murchie's in British Columbia, Canada sells great teas online. http://www.murchies.com/store/

    Still trying to find a source of pure darjeeling tea. Not the stuff in supermarkets which has a low percentage of darjeeling.

    Came across a wonderful tea in the Guelph Civic Museum giftshop. A private blend but they don't sell it online :-(

    1. Oh I love Murchies! I have reviewed a few of their teas. As far as Darjeeling check out http://www.teabox.com/estates/darjeeling


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