Jan 13, 2014

Random Things

  • I had one of my readers commit on my flow of consciousness posts and how they seem to fit the title of the blog so I decided to have a couple a month.  They are mainly going to be on random thoughts that flip through the brain.
  • I did my best to resist the iPhone but I have to admit that Siri got me.  She (or in my case He since I have the male voice on it) is just too darn handy for taking notes in the dark.
  • Just started in online course in Photoshop.  Dang I didn't realize what all it could do.  And here all I wanted to do is make my pics look better.
  • That handsome guy above is Rusty, my husband's new MinPin.  We had been keeping an eye out for one for him and well it was meant to be.  My roommate had stopped by the Humane Society and saw him.  Well I had to go down there to make a donation as part of my MinPin Secret Santa gift and ended up coming home with him also.
  •  Why is it that people immediately accuse you of giving them poor service when you are being nice and polite when they don't like the answer you are giving them?
  • Last week was tough.  I ended up having to go into the office for training Tuesday through Friday.  Not only was it cold out there but I had to be into work two hours before I usually start.  Not my idea of fun.
  • This Saturday is our Pagan potluck and our theme this month is German.  I am still trying to decide if I am up to making  schnitzel for 8 to 12 peoples. 


  1. Lucky Rusty! Like you said, Shai, it was meant to be :) Is MinPin short for something?

  2. Do you have to make a meat dish, or can it be any kind of dish? Or is schnitzel just your favorite German thing to make? You could make Falscher Hase ( 'false rabbit'.. which is funny since it's a meatloaf. Never understood the name.. maybe they used to shape it? lol) This isn't the recipe I remember, but then my family were the type to substitute randomly lol http://www.quick-german-recipes.com/quick-meatloaf.html. There are plenty of other good recipes on this page suitable for groups. you just have to decide on your price point, and your prep time :)

    1. In this case it needs to be a meat dish as I have already volunteered to make a main dish and we are a bunch of carnivores. I do like the idea of the 'False Rabbit' as that would definitely be different from my usual schnitzel.


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