Jan 21, 2014

Unexpected Surprises

They say that good things come in threes.  I am inclined to agree.  Take this last Sunday for instance.  I don't watch football.  In fact, my view on football is that supporting it is supporting a sport that has been proven to cause brain damage.  But I still live here in Washington and everyone is riding high on that win.

It was what happened later that evening that sent me spinning.  I was notified via Facebook that I had won one of Lisa Lodge's of Pine Ridge Treasures goodie bags.  I can hardly wait to see what is in there as she sends the best mixed bags out there.

And then the third wonderful thing happened.  I had signed up for a contest on Riki Jewelry Blog for an online Metal Homesteader class taught by Stephanie Lee and I won!!  This sounds like such a wonderful course and I can't wait to dig in tomorrow.


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