Jan 3, 2014

Year of Jewelry Project 2014: Something New For Me

I decided to sign up again this year for this challenge even though I didn't hit it out of the ball park last year.  I am going to really push myself to actually design 52 pieces based on the themes.  The goal of the project is to create a design a week but that is where I got in trouble last year.  There are just some weeks when I am just flat out exhausted and not up to doing anything after work beyond laying down and listening to a book.  (Thank goodness that my husband handles the cooking.) 

Instead when I am having a good day/week/month, I am going to work on creating jewelry based on the themes and stockpile them (this will also help me out when I am wrapped up in a blog hop).  This will also help reduce some of the stress.  I have found that I am great at creating under pressure but it tends to aggravate my fibro so best to avoid that. 

My plan is to show off what I have designed on the Friday associated with that theme.  The theme for this week is "Something New For Me" and we were asked to take a picture of ourselves wearing our new design.  So I am going to step out from behind the camera (where I prefer to be) and post the picture for all of you too see.  Just be sure that you concentrate on the jewelry not me as I did this on a break from work and no make up or anything on (one of the advantages of telecommuting but it sucks for pictures).

Ceramic beads by Tina's Bead Mind,  It's hand knotted with onyx rounds and waxed linen.


  1. I am shy about pics of ME. So I salute your courage, Shai... and BTW I would LOVE to have your hair, girl :) And I think we share the same great taste in glasses *TeeHee* Seriously, they look exactly like mine.

    Oh, and I love the necklace!

  2. pfft to the no makeup ...I work outside of the house I rarely ever wear makeup. The mood has to hit me for playing around with that 'girly crap' ;) lol Love the necklace :) This was a challenge I keep considering then chickening out of >.< I'm not consistent enough in my work to pull off a weekly challenge. I could go weeks between feeling the urges to create, and then when they hit, there's no guarantee it'll be jewelry I'll produce.. could be knitting or painting... Or it might just be a creative charm spree, or wire wrapping spree with no 'finished' piece to show for it all... I have piles of wire wrapped charms and stones in a variety of 'themes' that I've made during these creative binges that have yet to be put together into a finished piece >.< lol Maybe I should just get back into the blogging habit by a weekly showing of what I've managed to get done ( or not done lol)

  3. I love the necklace, Shaiha... and thank you for using my beads!


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