Feb 21, 2014

Year of Jewelry Project & Fashionista News

I am really pleased with this design.  The theme was lockets and boxes.  Well I didn't have anything that work as described.  But then I got to thinking and remembered this perfume container that I had waiting for just the perfect design.

The perfume holder was made in Nepal and is inlaid with turquoise and coral.  I then wire-wrapped some segments with silver filled wire featuring Hubei Turquoise and Tibetian Bone Beads inlaid with more turquoise and coral.

Now I mentioned Fashionista.  Well the Spring Fashionista which is the largest fashion blog hop on the internet and it starts on March 6th!  This necklace will be what I will be offering up for a prize so be sure to stop by to enter.
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  1. oh that is stunning! so glad you managed to finish working on it!


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