Mar 1, 2014

Challenge of Music

I absolutely love it when Erin of Treasures Found has a blog hop.  This time around it centers around music and Erin asked us to think back to a time in our lives where we underwent some changes and a song that relates that to time.

The time that I went back to was 1981.  Yeah I am that old.  Any ways this was the year that I joined the Army with the young man that I was thinking that I would marry and spend the rest of my life with.  We headed off to Basic Training in the winter.  Now I was from an area where it gets cold in the winter but we didn't get snow.  I learned the meaning of snow that winter in South Carolina.  What got me through basic was a song from Journey called "Don't Stop Believin'".  Those lyrics spoke to me and convinced me that I could finish that run...that I could do those push ups.  They helped me make it through a tough time in my life.

Since this challenge is all about symbolizing a time in my life which was hellish but made me stronger, I wanted to make this necklace for myself.  And I tend to wear simpler, longer necklaces so that is what I made. The tag is from Nunn Design and the lampwork headpin is from StudioJuls.  I am actually quite happy with it as it was the first time I have tried stamping. Oh and I intentionally lined the letters up wonky because that's how I felt a lot of the time back then.  And it is longer as the chain is 28".  Just the right length to wear with some of my other favorite necklaces.

Now that you have had a chance to check out my offering for this challenge be sure to click here to see what everyone else came up with.  There is sure to be some real eye candy.


  1. I was at Fort Jackson in 1991 during the winter too - boy digging a foxhole during the winter is not my idea of fun!

    I love the piece you created and I think it is perfect to show that year for you!

  2. A great song. I like the necklace you made.

  3. The year I graduated college :) This was a great tune and I love your design :)

  4. I'm sorry I missed this hop. I always enjoy Erin's blog hops. She is such a creative person. You, too, are creative. Love the tune and the Beautiful necklace! 1981 was the year I got married.

  5. I LOVE this song and I LOVE what you made! Beautiful expression of a special time in your life! xox jean

  6. Wow, that's beautiful! I made a long 28" necklace too! :) I love the lampwork headpin -- it's just gorgeous and looks really great next to your metalwork. I love the rich beauty of the StudioJuls piece next to your representation of "believe" -- great song, and what a powerful and wise woman you became! A leader.

  7. That is a CLASSIC song, Miss Shaiha! It never goes out of style. Much like that pretty necklace you made. I am not new to stamping and no matter how I try I cannot do it completely straight. But that is okay. It is the mark of the maker when we are not machine-perfect! This would be a great reminder to wear. Thank you so much for joining me in the 3rd Annual Challenge of Music! Enjoy the day. Erin


  8. Lovely necklace for a lovely song. Simple, but beautiful -- and meaningful -- design!

    (BTW, 1981 is a special year for me too, but for a different reason: I was born that year. Didn't know this song was from 1981 specifically so it was kind of fun hearing it now knowing that.)

  9. Oh wow you have complimented your design perfectly to the song! Just love it!


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