Mar 24, 2014

Random Things

  • One of the things that I love to listen is old time radio shows.  It really amuses me to listen to the old ads that are in the shows.  One was for activated yeast which is to help people when they are too tired & rundown to eat.  One of the big selling points is that it helps a person gain weight.  Could you imagine an ad campaign today to gain weight?
  • I had so much fun on Saturday.  Once I got all my running around done, I disappeared down into my studio for several hours.  It has been so long since I have been able to do that without headaches.
  • The little guy there is the latest addition to the family, Rusty or Little Bug.  I picked him up from the pound so my husband would have company but the little bugger has decided that I need to have two Pins.  He's waiting for me to sit back down so he can have a lap.
  • Yesterday was beautiful and I managed to get the front yard into shape.  I can't manage to do the whole yard so I plan on doing it in sections.  Great way to get some sun and exercise.

  • I won the contest on  Art Bead Scene last month and the prize was a gift card to EarthButterBeads.  The beads are made in Africa and they are gorgeous.  The set above is one that I got.  This is one shop that I plan on frequenting often.
  • I finally got my husband to agree to helping me rearrange the bedroom.  It has only taken three years and I am crossing my fingers that nothing comes up next Saturday so we can get it done.
  • We are one step closer to buying our home!  I finally managed to get my credit up to a reasonable level.
  • Started a pay it forward unintentionally.  I was part of an earring swap a year ago and my partner lost one of the earrings.  I managed to find one of the beads in my orphan pile so it is heading her way.  She decided since I wasn't charging her for the bead to pay it forward and send off a focal at no charge to someone else.  I just love it when things work out so well.
  • I know I keep changing the colors of my blog around but I am trying to make it easily readable.  How do you like this incarnation?


  1. Wow, this is a "packed" post, Shai :) Those old shows are a hoot, for sure. Yesterday Public TV had a program on the early days of TV comedy, brought back a lot of memories. Love the beads from Desiree, I was fortunate to win a set last year and love their texture :)

    Your pay-it-forward sounds intriguing... wouldn't it be great if we all did that?


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