Mar 14, 2014

Year of Jewelry Project

Today is the last day to enter the Spring Fashionista 2014 Giveaway.  Just click here to go that post.

I am back to making jewelry again now that I have my new glasses and boy am I glad to have that outlet back.  I do think that I will have relearn how to wire-wrap as I not longer have to do it by touch.  I have fallen behind on my Year of Jewelry Project but not going to stress that.

These earrings just scream BoHo to me and the weekly theme was BoHo Chic so I think that I succeeded.  The filigree is brass and the beads are Czech Cathedral beads.


  1. Oh - I like these - very pretty. Glad you got your new glasses. It's really tough when our eye-sight or bodily aches/pains, etc. get in the way of creating (speaking from experience here) and I'm happy you can have this artistic outlet again!!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I go through periods where my fibro won't allow me to play but this is the first time my eyes went out on me.


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