Apr 19, 2014

Do Over Blog Hop

I just love Jeannie's Do Over Blog Hops.  She sends us out an older piece or set of jewelry that she designed and we get to take it apart to make a new piece.  This is the second one that I have been able to take part in and I have had a load of fun each time.

Now one of the instructions for this hop is to take a picture of the original designs.  I took the picture using my Iphone and then edited it. I am not sure what happened but the picture, both the original and the edited version, went poof when I went to save it.  So I am very sad to say that I failed in the first task.  What I was given was a set consisting of a necklace, bracelet and earrings but no picture.

I do however have a picture of the bracelet that I made from Jeannie's original designs.  The only thing that I added from my stash is the chain that the charms and crystals are hanging from.  I just love the sunflower charms and felt the yellow and brown crystals were a perfect fit.  And that clasp is just divine. 

Now that you have seen my offerings, be sure to check out everyone's designs.  Hopefully they will have better luck with their before pictures.

Jeannie K Dukic
Judy Campbell
Veralynne Malone
Christine Murrow
Shai Williams
Lola Surwillo
Christina Hickman
Katrina Taylor
Becky Pancake
Roxanne Mendoza
Charlene Jacka
Inge von Roos
Mary Govaars
Penny Houghton
Beti Horvath
Ginger Davis-Allman
Molly Alexander
Linda Britt


  1. What a fun bracelet! I love seeing what people do for the Do Over Challenge.

  2. What a summery piece! Imagine wearing it with a white top. Great job and sunflowers are among my favorite flowers.

  3. I really don't like taking pictures myself or editing them. Things happen, no big deal. You made a charm bracelet. LOVE it. I don't wear jewelry, but I do know they are so much fun to wear. Thank you so much for participating. Looking forward to the next one.

  4. Ooh my favourate colours (silver and amber) and my favourate flower in one lush bracelet. Yum!

  5. I love the new bracelet. The piece is simple and wearable, definitely a perfect late summer accessory. Great job :)

  6. Love the combination of sunflowers and beads! A summer piece I think.

  7. Shai your new bracelet is so bright and sunny. Great job.

  8. I had nightmares that my before picture would do the same thing. I'm sorry that happened...technology is so frustrating! But you've sure got a nice bracelet there. Very wearable and I'll bet you're going to get lots of use of it over the summer.

  9. What a pretty bracelet! The sunflower charms are perfect for the bead colors and theme. I'm sure this will bring the wearer a great deal of joy. Christie

  10. What a beautiful bracelet! I am a huge fan of sunflowers (they are such happy flowers, aren't they?), and the sun clasp you paired with the charms is perfect for the design. Fabulous!

  11. Cute bracelet, I bet it is so much to wear.

  12. I took my before pic with my phone as well and had a hard time saving the pic onto my computer. If it's not one thing it's another! But the bracelet is beautiful! Great job!

  13. Pretty bracelet. Sorry about the before photo but so happy to see the redo!

  14. That has to be one of my favorite bracelets ---- well done.

  15. Don't you just hate it when your photos go "poof" I have had that happen to me! But I love the piece! Very summery! and I do like sunflowers. Great job!


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